Not much to say about this game yet. I'm posting it here so I have a living breathing version of the game. Let me know if you have any issues with it so I can fix them when I have time. The goal was to create a game with no external resources, with everything contained in a single HTML file. Here I've used only base Javascript with no libraries (like jQuery) and all of the javscript and CSS is self contained. Also, like all purely HTML/CSS/JS games it is fairly easy to cheat, so don't think you are some slick hacker if you do it.

The basics:

Difficulty: Start the game by selecting your difficulty. You won't be able to get very far at first unless you select Easy. As you build up your heirloom gear and prestige you can use the higher difficulties when you start.

Prestige: As you venture through the dungeons you have the ability to add prestige effects to your character that improve your abilities. These will be preserved in future plays if you end up resetting your game by eating a Humble Pie. This is the prestige mechanism and the only way to keep permanent bonuses on your character. Each merchant will have a single prestige food for sale (such as Toughen Muffin) and a Humble Pie, along with other items. In order for these to save between playthroughs,  you must have cookies enabled, and if you clear your cookies, they go away, sorry.

Controls: Explore moves to the next scene, and uses 1 Energy. Search searches the current scene and uses 1 Energy. Each scene can only be searched once. Potion consumes 1 potion and heals wounds. Food consumes 1 food and heals fatigue. Fight fights the enemy in the current scene. Run attempts to run away from the current enemy and uses 1 Energy for each attempt. You cannot run from boss fights.

There is a lot to this game and I'm not sure what all needs to be explained, so ask and I'll fill in the details if you want.

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